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2014 Expo Exhibits

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  •   Stick to Science & Engineering!
    by Adhesive & Sealant Council Career Pavilion, Hall A, Booth Number 240
    Love glue? So do we! Stop by our booth to learn how the world around you is made up of so many things that adhesives & sealants help create; it will astound you! We'll show you an interesting video on how sticky critters found in nature are contributing to innovation in our industry. You can design a magnet and watch our glue expert assemble it for you to take home in seconds! We will even have a raffle for all the DIY adults who come by our booth, sponsored by DAP.
  •   Come learn to make your own toys with Makers Toolbox
    by Makers Toolbox Astronomy and Space Exploration Pavilion, Hall E, Booth Number 6109
    Makers Toolbox create toys-to-be for kids with an interest in learning how things work. There's something special about a toy you build yourself-especially when it starts out as just a handful of cardboard and electronic components. The DIY kits come complete with all the components you need to construct a working Scribbler Robot or Proptractor. What exactly is a Scribbler Robot? It's just what it sounds like-a robot that squiggles and scribbles, drawing designs as it moves across a piece of paper. And then there's the Proptractor, an aeronautical rolling robot.
  •   oneTesla
    by oneTesla Hall A, Booth Number 1258
    OneTesla is a DIY singing Tesla coil that shoots two-foot lightning and uses high voltage electricity to play music.
  •   DIY STEM Projects with Public Lab
    by Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science Career Pavilion, Hall A, Booth Number 137
    Explore tools for experiential STEM learning, learn about innovative ways to harness the power of the open source movement in the classroom, and meet the next wave of science and tech innovators.
  •   SeeMeCNC 3D Printers & More
    by SeeMeCNC National Security Pavilion, Hall B, Booth Number 1628
    SeeMeCNC presents new and exciting delta style 3D printers this year. Stop by and see the latest low cost DIY 3D printing technology at work!
  •   Technology Will Save Us: Devices anyone can make
    by Technology Will Save Us Engineering Pavilion, Hall B, Booth Number 3147
    Technology Will Save Us is a new kind of device company. We design, manufacture and sell DIY Technology kits, so that people can make, play, learn and invent using technology whilst making something. Our kits are suitable for all ages and teach a variety of skills around technology; from circuitry and electronics to programming and soldering. Our kits are designed around everyday life themes like gardening, music, gaming, play, sports, cycling and energy - because we think people learn more when they care about what they are making. Our kits have all the bits and instruction for anyone to create with; from Thirsty Plant Detectors to DIY Instruments; From building your own video games to synthesisers. We imagine a world where our devices look and do different things because we all have the skills to make them ourselves! So drop by to chat with one of our experts, program our DIY Gamer Kit, see how an exciter can turn any material into a speaker and create your own beats and pulses on our DIY Synth.
  •   Techshop DIY Maker Space
    by TechShop, Inc. mikeroweWORKS Pavilion presented by Caterpillar and Walmart, Hall D, Booth Number 5221
    What do you want to make? TechShop is a vibrant, creative, family-friendly DIY workshop and fabrication studio that provides access to tools, software and classes for people of all ages and skill levels. Whether your dream project involves 3D printing, soldering, plasma cutting, quilting, special effects or electronics, at TechShop you can build just about anything you can imagine. You really have to see it to believe it. Stop by the TechShop booth and prepare to be inspired!
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