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2014 Stage Shows

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  • Enhancing Mobility with Bionic Exoskeleton Technologyby Amanda Boxtel Watch Preview Video Bell Stage Sunday, 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM 60 Minutes Add to Schedule!

    Paralyzed in a skiing accident 22 years ago, Amanda Boxtel sustained a permanent spinal cord injury from the pelvis down. She has since become a strong advocate for people with disabilities and has been involved in community and outreach projects that aim to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.

    In 1995, Boxtel co-founded Challenge Aspen, a non-profit organization that enables individuals with disabilities to participate in recreational activities in Aspen, Colorado. While working as a director for Challenge Aspen for 13 years, she was the first paraplegic to be hired as a professional ski instructor at Aspen Skiing Company.

    Boxtel is a professional speaker and has appeared in top magazines, news publications, and on major television networks globally.

    She currently serves as Executive Director for Bridging Bionics Foundation, demonstrating how bionic exoskeleton technology has a positive impact on quality of life. She was the first female paraplegic to test Ekso™, then known as eLEGS, for manufacturer Ekso Bionics. With the help of the aluminum and titanium battery-powered device, she is able to walk almost naturally, as she will demonstrate at our event.

    Get amazing insights at Festival Expo 2014 when Amanda Boxtel takes you on a personal journey of how exoskeleton technology has afforded her enhanced mobility since her injury. Learn how this life-changing advancement has helped her not only to pursue her goal as a celebrated adaptive athlete and ski instructor, but to become a national inspiration to others.

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