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Get Ready as Festival Expo 2012 Takes You Deeper Inside the Frontiers of Space Exploration!

Building upon thehigh level of Space Exploration excitement we brought you in 2010, the 2012 Festival promises to take you deeper into this frontier, giving you fascinating insight not only into aerospace innovations of the future, but introducing you to space explorers and others who are helping to make it all happen!

Here’s a look at the eye-opening exhibits and presentations in aerospace technology that you can expect at Festival Expo 2012:

  • Discover it All With This Space Exploration Giant! As the founding and host sponsor for the USA Science & Engineering Festival, Lockheed Martin – renowned for its pivotal role in aerospace technology and other innovations – is again ready to  engage and inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists, and space explorers through a host of interactive exhibits and presentations that are bound to wow you!
  • Meet the Man Behind Space X and Other Innovations! He's best known for creating SpaceX  -- producer of such premiere space launch vehicles as the Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 rockets! Don't miss the opportunity to meet and hear Elon Musk. This dynamic and innovative engineer and serial entrepreneur is also co-founder of PayPal (the world's largest internet payment system), and inventor of what is arguably the first viable production electric car of the modern era (the Telsa Roadster)!
  • Explore Space on a Broad Spectrum – Courtesy of NASA! Come and discover with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)  how broad and exciting the world of space exploration really is! Gain insight from NASA scientists and engineers about what they are learning to help set the stage for bold human and robotic exploration of our solar system and beyond!
  • Find Out What Liftoff is Like in the Space Shuttle!–  Learn first-hand from John Mace Grunsfeld, Ph.D., a five-time Space Shuttle crew member,  what goes on at liftoff and in other critical areas of a Shuttle mission!
  • Is Space Travel in Your Future? Get the Answer From George Whitesides! George Whitesides, CEO and President of space tourism pioneer Virgin Galactic, is steering the company toward a lofty goal: creating a fleet of spaceships that can safely transport hundreds, and eventually thousands, of ordinary citizens into space on a regular weekly or daily basis. Meet and hear this exciting space industry leader as he clues you in on how Virgin Galactic (whose SpaceShipOne spacecraft in 2004 was the first private vehicle to take a person into space) is well on its way to opening up sub-orbital space travel to average persons as possibly as early as the end of the decade!
  • Hear Private Space Travel Pioneer Anousheh Ansari! She made world headlines in 2006 as the first female private space explorer, and in doing so earned a place in history as the fourth private explorer to visit space and the first astronaut of Iranian descent. Don’t miss the chance to meet and hear noted engineer and entrepreneur Anousheh Ansari and learn what it was like as a history-making crew member aboard the Expedition 14 mission during its journey to the International Space Station!
  • Learn the Physics of Flight From Smithsonian Experts! Discover from the Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum how to build the perfect paper airplane and how the four forces of flight (i.e. lift, weight, drag and thrust) play a role in effecting how things fly in Earth's atmosphere and beyond. The museum will also provide plenty of kid-friendly friendly hand-outs for students, teachers and parents to further air and space exploration at home or in school.
  • Your Knowledge of Aerospace Will Soar With the Civil Air Patrol --Gain a greater understanding of flight and aerospace technology through exciting hands-on activities with the Civil Air Patrol!
  • Teachers in Space with Chantelle Rose! – She’s been selected as among the first seven K-12 teachers to participate in the Teachers in Space program’s  upcoming suborbital.  Learn from science educator Chantelle Rose how she is  preparing to bring the excitement of this adventure back to her students!
  • Hear the Amazing Story of Richard Garriott – Legendary computer video game pioneer Richard Garriott accomplished a lifelong dream of his in 2008 when he became the sixth private citizen to journey into Earth’s orbit! Hear his amazing space journey story!
  • Don’t Miss the Chance to Increase Your IQ of Rockets!-- NASA has hired with Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) to deliver cargo to and from the International Space Station. Learn about Falcon rockets and latest Dragon missions, and SpaceX’s plans for carrying people in just a few years. Someday soon Dragon might be your ride into space!
  • Let Our Authors in Space Exploration Inspire You! –Meet and hear such noted writers in space exploration as former NASA aeronautical engineer Homer Hickam, whose highly-acclaimed book Rocket Boys, formed the basis of the Hollywood film, October Sky. And, well-known  astronomer Jeffrey Bennett, Ph.D, author of such  popular children’s books as Max Goes to Space, and the book series Science Adventures with Max the Dog.
  • From Spaceship Earth to Points Unknown! Come explore the majesty and mystery of the cosmos with the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education. Earth’s place in space is knowable in tangible ways, and you’ll discover them in exciting hands-on adventures as you take a magical journey from spaceship Earth to points unknown!

For more information on other exciting Performances and Stage Shows at the 2012 Festival, visit: And for other Exhibits that are sure to wow you,