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Resources for Exhibitors

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Download and print Expo flyer

Download and print the Expo map and performance schedule

View Periodic Table Poster


Exhibitor Move-in Forms and Maps

Exhibitor Load-in Map for National Mall

Exhibitor Load-in Map for Mellon Auditorium

Exhibitor Load-in Map for Wilson Plaza

Exhibitor Load-in Map for Penn Ave and Freedom Plaza



Box Label document

Dashboard Passes for Exhibitor Load-in

Security Presence Form 2010

Commercial Vehicle Form 2010

Download Shipping/Drayage Information


Exhibitor Move-in and Move-out Plan

Click here for Expo move-in and out information


Additional Exhibitor Resources

Festival Communication and Emergency Procedures

Expo FAQ – Get All Your Questions Answered!

What Makes a Good Exhibit?

Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

Recording of the Info Session for Exhibitors 1/28/2010


Signage Template for Exhibitors
We strongly recommend that you use the folllowing signage template to create your exhibit sign. This template has been approved by the National Park Service. Three sizes are available: 1'x 3', 2' x 6' and 3'x 9' (landscape). Click on the pdf link to see a sample. If you have your sign printed through us, the material will be a vinyl banner, and it will have grommets placed every 2', so you can hang the sign with zipties or rope, which you will have to bring. Please do not change the font sizes on the template, since the sign has been approved exactly as is. The template is availble for download in various file types (see below).

View Exhibitor Signage Sample (PDF)
This is an example of the sign we would like you to use. This sign has been approved by the National Park Service.

Click here to download the Exhibitor Signage Template (InDesign File)
Please note: the template is in Adobe InDesign - please only download if you have access to Adobe InDesign.
You can download a free 30-day trial version here:

Click here to download the Exhibitor Signage Template (Photoshop File)

Click here to download the Exhibitor Signage Template (EPS file)

Click here to download the Exhibitor Signage Template (JPG File)

If you would like our design firm to create your sign using our template, please fill out this brief form. Cost is $103.30 for design work, proofing and making file print ready. Cost does not include printing of the sign. Deadline to request your sign is 8/31.

We are no longer accepting orders to print your signage.

If you are creating your own sign, please follow these guidelines:

View general signage guidelines (PDF)

Resources for Volunteers

Volunteer Training Manual

Volunteer Release Form

Volunteer Training PowerPoint Presentation

Local Resources List

Where can I find....


Mini-Stage Performance Schedules:

Science Channel

AAAS Meet the Scientists

USASEF Various Events




Rubik’s Competition


Metro Map to WMATA

USASEF Shuttle Bus Map

National Mall Overview Map

Mellon-Wilson Plaza-Penn Ave-Freedom Plaza Overview Map





Maps for Section Managers

Section Manager Map WP Map

Section_Manager_PA-FP Map

Section_Manager_MA Map

Section_Manager_NM-1_NM-2 Map

Section_Manager_Map_NM-3 Map

Section Manager NM-4 NM-5 NM-6 Map



To Do Lists

Stage Managers to do List

Shuttle Bus To Do List

Move-in -out Manager To Do List

Info Booth & Ambassadors To Do List

Family Reunification and Comfort Station To Do List

Marketing Materials

Please click on the links below to download the various logo versions. Once the file has opened, save the image to your desktop.


USASEF Official Partner Logo - color logo "Official Partner" – low res for web use

USASEF Official Partner Logo – color logo "Official Partner" – high res for print use

USASEF White Partner Logo - white logo with clear background

USASEF Black Partner Logo - black logo with clear background

Official Sponsor Logo - color logo "Official Sponsor"

I am a Fan of the USA Science & Engineering Festival Logo - color logo "I am a Fan of the USA Science & Engineering Festival"

Nifty Fifty Logo - color logo "Nifty Fifty"

Lunch with a Laureate Logo - color logo "Lunch with a Laureate"

Resources for Satellite Event Organizers

Download Satellite Event Logo

Recording of the Info Session for Satellite Event Organizers 2/3/2010

View 11x17 Satellite Event Poster Sample (PDF)

View 18x24 Satellite Event Poster Sample (PDF)

Download 11x17 Satellite Event Poster Template (Word document)
Please note: you can use this file to create an 11x17 flyer or poster for your Satellite Event: simply replace the text at the bottom with your event information and print

Click here to download Satellite Event Poster Templates (InDesign file)
These Poster Templates are in Adobe InDesign. Please only download if you have access to InDesign.
You can download a free 30-day trial version here:

High-res jpg graphic to use with any design program, in case you don't have InDesign. (JPEG)

Need sample emails of how to approach sponsors? Email Larry Bock at

If you would like to use the USA Science & Engineering Festival color palette for your materials, here it is:

Primary Colors:
Medium Blue: Pantone 299; Hex Value 009DDC
Yellow/Gold: Pantone 116; Hex Value FFD200
Orange: Pantone 021; Hex Value F78F1E

Complimentary Colors:
Dark Blue: Pantone 301; Hex Value 0065A4
Red: Pantone 485; Hex Value EE3224
Green: 376; Hex Value 99CC33








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