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3M logo USA Science  Engineering Festival Sponsor3M Uses Biometrics Technology to Help Refugees Fleeing Syria: Global innovation company 3M explains how it is using biometrics (fingerprinting and other security measures based on the unique features of a person's body) to assist Syrian refugees fleeing to Turkey during Syria's current political and humanitarian upheaval. Biometrics is helping refugees to quickly find their families, food and medicine. Learn more by clicking here


Kavli-Foundation-sponsor-logo-USA-Science-and-Engineering-FestivalPowerful New Tools for Brain Research Through Nanotechnology: In a research discussion forum assembled by the Kavli Foundation, four noted scientists -- Paul Alivisatos, Anne Andrews, Arto Nurmikko and Hongkun Park – exchange views on how nanotechnology can change the way researchers measure brain activity and propel President Obama's BRAIN Initiative. Follow this link to learn more. 


SAME-sponsor-logo-usa-science-and-engineering-festivalCyber Security for National Defense: The U.S. Navy is using energy conservation technology to find cost-effective answers to the growing threat of cyber security attacks to its infrastructure. The developments are detailed in the current issue of The Military Engineer magazine, a publication of the Society of American Military Engineers. Read more here.



USA Science  Engineering Festival UGA-LogoThe Link Between Climate Change and Disease Spread: An international scientific study led by ecologist Sonia Altizer of the University of Georgia, has found that climate change is affecting the spread of infectious diseases worldwide with serious impacts to human health and biodiversity conservation. Read more of the study published recently in the journal Science