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Gaithersburg High School X-STEM USA Science  Engineering FestivalWe are so excited for the new school year and the many amazing ways our X-STEM Schools will showcase to others how much they love STEM! Now is the time to join over 300 registered schools as an X-STEM School! The X-STEM School program is designed to promote STEM student leaders in schools and communities. Each student-led X-STEM Ambassador team will illustrate their STEM programs on the Festival website once their certification is complete.

Visit our X-STEM School Page to see the mission statements and activities of our fabulous X-STEM Schools! Read about students from Gaithersburg High School and their goal to show that STEM can be fun and engaging and students from Glenallan Elementary illustrating to their community the importance of STEM for our future!

We have over 90 Certified X-STEM Schools (with webpage certification) and over 300 registered schools in the District of Columbia, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia!

Follow this link to register as an X-STEM School today! Help inspire students to learn more about the wonder of science, technology, engineering & mathematics!