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The momentum for the Festival's exciting Expo weekend continues to mount. To date, we have grown 20 percent larger than the last Festival and we are on pace to take over the entire Conventer Center! We are thrilled to welcome more than 225 brand NEW Organizations to this unforgettable weekend celebration of STEM! If you've never participated in the Expo as an exhibitor, don't miss this unique opportunity to showcase your organization's extraordinary work and programs at this high-profile event to be attended by more than 250,000 visitors from around the world! Space is limited and we will be sold out very quickly so act now!  

USASF12M 180The Expo is a huge opportunity for you and your institution to gain exposure to more than 250,000 visitors and noted STEM companies from around the nation and the world. Plus, it's very inexpensive to have an exhibition booth – quite a bargain considering that this high-profile event will be held right in your backyard at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center!

Boost the visibility of your institution, organization or K-12 school in major ways by signing up TODAY as a Festival Expo Exhibitor! Click here to join the growing list of science and engineering professionals, innovators and enthusiasts who will be showcasing their extraordinary work and programs through exciting hands-on, interactive exhibits in STEM.

And don't forget, the Festival will be offering other high-profile activities for exhibitors during the week leading up to the Expo, opportunities to further boost your visibility.

So, you don't want to miss...

VIP Preview hosted by Chevron:

This special event set for April 25 puts exhibitors in the spotlight during Expo Week by honoring them and their exhibits at an affair attended by prominent supporters of the Festival and industry leaders from the STEM Solutions Conference, a national confab sponsored by the Festival with U.S. News & World Report that will be taking place simultaneously that week at the Convention Center. Stay tuned for details!

Sign up as an Expo exhibitor today! Here are just a few exciting organizations which have done so already:


AACP USA Science  Engineering Festival Exhibitor--Hot Careers in Pharmacy: Gain exciting insight into the leading frontiers of tomorrow in pharmaceutical science with the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. Learn from hands-on demonstrations how pharmacists develop medications used to treat myriad medical conditions.


AICHE USA Science  Engineering Festival Exhibitor--How Chemical Engineering is Changing the World: Through dynamic interaction with professionals from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, discover how chemical engineering impacts our lives in dramatic ways in such fields as energy, environment, transportation and consumer good and what the future holds for this exciting area of science.


AMS USA Science  Enginering Festival Exhibitor--Create a Math Sculpture! Combine your sense of fun with geometry and help build a mathematical structure, with noted mathematician/artist George Hart of the American Mathematical Society.


AM Boston USA Science  Engineering Festival Exhibitor--The Science of Children's Play: Have you ever wondered how scientists study children's play and learning? You'll learn first-hand from this unforgettable encounter with the American Psychological Association & Museum of Science, Boston when you try out fun, hands-on demonstrations of research used by psychologists who study child development.


american indian USA Science  Engineering Festival Exhibitor--Science From Tribal Communities: Explore with the American Indian Science & Engineering Society how American Indian and Alaska Native scientists and engineers are solving problems in tribal communities and adding value to the workforce.





See more exciting Exhibitors by clicking here. Join us as a Festival Exhibitor by following this link!