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Team 1 Under the SeaThe X-STEM School program is designed to promote STEM student leaders in schools and communities. Each student-led X-STEM Ambassador team will illustrate their STEM programs on the Festival website once their certification is complete.

Visit our X-STEM School Page to see the mission statements and activities of our fabulous X-STEM Schools! We have over 365 Registered X-STEM Schools and over 150 Certified X-STEM Schools (with webpage certification) in nine different states! X-STEM Schools are certifying in schools throughout the nation!

Our X-STEM Schools are busy promoting STEM in their communities and working hard to create fun and engaging programs for their schools. For example, teams from Long Reach High School  partnered with the environmental club to create a display of the science "Under the Sea" for the homecoming theme. Student focused on species of endangered fish and environmental impacts of ocean water acidification, mercury, oil spills. And Fallston Middle School is making headlines in their school paper with news about the success and popularity of their X-STEM Program!  View all of the X-STEM Schools by clicking this link. 

Follow this link to register as an X-STEM School today! Help inspire students to learn more about the wonders of science, technology, engineering & mathematics!