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kavli video science contest USA Science  Engineering FestivalOne of the main goals of the USA Science & Engineering Festival is to spark and motivate young people to get excited about science, technology, engineering and math. The Kavli "Science in Fiction" video contest offers students and teachers a unique way to ignite a passion for STEM by combining a challenging science research project with a creative activity. By examining the science in their favorite science fiction movies, tv shows, or video games, students research and discover the cutting edge science that will propel new inventions and future technologies.

According to NASA Ames Research Center Director Pete Worden, "there's almost a secret handshake among engineers who have read lots of science fiction. It lets you dream—how can we make that technology real, how can we make a better future?" Teachers and students, we invite you to dream big and share your knowledge! And to help you start, check out our new lesson plan suggestions, and teacher resources. Let the brain storms begin!

Be sure to check out our spotlight featuring Kavli Science video contest advisor Steve Schlozman, who mixes up his love of zombie movies with his knowledge of behavioral and neuroscience to concoct some amazing and inspiring science lessons! Follow this link to view our science blog. 

Learn more about how teachers can use our video contest in the science classroom by clicking here. 

As a special bonus incentive- the first five DC metro area classrooms that enter a class video into the contest will receive complimentary tickets to the X-Stem Symposium! Email Stacy for details!