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TJHSST X-STEMThe X-STEM School program is designed to promote STEM student leaders in schools and communities. Each student-led X-STEM Ambassador team will illustrate their STEM programs on the Festival website once their certification is complete.

We are looking for more student leaders in schools and communities to help us promote STEM! Students from over 375 schools are participating in this incredible program and using interactive ways to explore STEM with science fairs, field trips, after school activities, classroom experiments and more!

Visit our X-STEM School Page to see the mission statements and activities of our fabulous X-STEM Schools like: 

Buck Lodge Middle School: creating a Parent's Night to illustrate ways to bring STEM home with fun and engaging activities

Capital Baptist Homeschool Co-op: working to achieve their mission to increase the homeschool community's interest in science, technology, engineering and math by engaging in fun and meaningful activities

Kent Island High School: developing STEM projects to complement the current KIHS curriculum, highlighting at KIHS events and providing outreach to neighboring schools about STEM, X-STEM and the Festival.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology: fostering an environment conducive to the planning and execution of STEM activities, and use our own passion and dedication towards STEM in efforts to give back and make a difference in our community

Thomas G. Pullen Academy of Creative and Performing Arts: showing how STEM shapes our world with STEM Chat Sessions (Guest Speakers and Presenters), STEM Fairs, STEM Activity Night, Virtual Field Trips and Raising Awareness of Cyberbullying

Help inspire students to learn more science, technology, engineering & mathematics! 

Follow this link to register as an X-STEM School today! Help inspire students to learn more about the wonders of science, technology, engineering & mathematics!