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Q rius 590w250hBecome a Stone Age chef. Walk an ancient earth. Uncover hidden worlds between grains of sand. Decode Mars. Sing like an insect. It's all possible at Q?rius, the new experience center at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

Created for teens, Q?rius (pronounced curious) is a first-of-its-kind interactive experience. It's part lab, collections vault, DIY garage, hangout, and all fun. It's a whole new way for students to discover science, understand where we came from as a people, and appreciate our natural world.

Q?rius is made with exploration in mind:

  • Over 6,000 objects you can handle – including two-million–year–old fossils
  • Sophisticated instruments like high-powered microscopes for investigating mysterious species
  • Virtually tour the natural world with experts from seven fields of research

Q?rius helps make teaching easier too. You can:

  • Collect fresh ideas for engaging students in their natural world
  • Bring content home through digital Field Books and live web events
  • Support your curriculum objectives and standards of learning

Q?rius is a great way for students to make sense of the connections between nature, the planet, the universe and their lives. Its immersive environment sparks curiosity, creativity and independent thinking. Sharing Q?rius as a group can awaken new interests, build inquiry skills, and foster moments of discovery that'll stay with students for years to come.

Visit to reserve your group visit for up to 100 visitors – openings are available most weekday mornings – and sign up for free email updates.