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Engineers are some of the most incredible problem solvers on the planet. You don't have to think long and hard to realize what our daily existence would be like without these innovators. Their imprint is everywhere – ranging from the water we drink, the medicines we take, the cars we drive (and the roads and bridges on which we travel), to our iPods and computers, and the programs that run them.

Exhibitor USA Science  Engineering Festival During National Engineering Week (February 16-22), the Festival recognizes these amazing innovators, and below we call your attention to the amazing array of engineering exhibits that we are preparing for the Festival Expo this April at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center! To date, more than 170 engineering exhibitors – representing such hot frontiers as aerospace and drone technology, biomedicine, robotics, 3D, nanotechnology, civil engineering, computer science and afterschool K-12 education – have signed up, joining a bevy of other exhibitors in additional STEM categories to wow and inspire visitors.

Here is a sampling of just some of the exciting organizations (and their interactive exhibits) that you can expect to discover in the field of engineering:

Lockheed Martin LogoExplore it All With Lockheed! You're in for an unforgettable experience as you explore cutting-edge technology in engineering and other STEM fields with Lockheed Martin, founding and presenting host sponsor of the USA Science & Engineering Festival. Discover from LM engineers how they are making a profound difference in such frontiers as aerospace, next generation robotics, green energy, weather tracking, and cyber security.


Johns Hopkins USA Science  Engineering Festival Extreme Engineering: Revolutionizing Prosthetics! See how engineers at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory are creating an amazing prosthetic arm and hand that will change the future for many rehabilitation patients. Through the marvel of engineering, this prosthetic arm links directly to the brain, and is controlled by thought!




ASCE USA Science  Engineering FestivalBuilding Bridges and Connecting People! With the American Society of Civil Engineers, explore the fascinating wonders of bridge building, and the many facets of these wonders, including truss bridges, arch bridges, and cable-stayed bridges. Learn the unique properties that make them stand up -- or fall down, and watch local college students build a bridge from scratch that holds thousands of pounds!


City X Project USA Science  Engineering Festival Design Thinking for Kids: Inventing the First City in Space! Kids, imagine this: Humans have just settled the first city on a new planet, City X. The Mayor of City X needs your help to design, model, and 3D print solutions to problems faced in this new environment. Are you up to the challenge? Learn how an amazing science outreach organization called the City X Project uses story-based learning and the Stanford School Design Process to enable students to innovate through the power of imagination!


NSBE USA Science  Engineering FestivalIt's Cool to Be An Engineer! Did you know that a mechanical engineer invented the Super Soaker water gun, a civil engineer designed the Tidal Basin Bridge in Washington, DC, and an electrical engineer was instrumental in the development of the Personal Computer, or PC? You'll l learn about these and other contributions of African-American engineers from the National Society of Black Engineers!




Engineering Exhibit USA Science  Engineering Festival Helping Teachers Apply Engineering Concepts to the Classroom! Educators will learn from the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association how to apply the latest engineering concepts to excite, inspire and empower students toward inquiry and innovation.



ideaventions usa science  engineering festival Design an Earthquake-Proof Structure! You'll do it all with Ideaventions: Engineer a structure to withstand an earthquake, and then put it to the test on an Earthquake Simulator. And do you think you can drive a robot? Navigate an exploration robot using a Nintendo Wiimote and learn about wireless technologies used to communicate.


Engineering For Kids USA Science  Engineering Festival Launch Your Own Rocket! With Engineering For Kids, launch a rocket, create a car that flies, and even design your own roller coaster.






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