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Now more than ever, the work of environmental scientists and engineers in designing sustainable solutions for tomorrow is essential to protecting human health and the viability of the planet.

EPA USA Science  Engineering Festival SponsorGet ready for an exciting look into sustainable designs of the future as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) brings its renowned EPA P3 (People, Prosperity and the Planet) college student competition to the Festival Expo to spotlight the talent of some of tomorrow's brightest environmental visionaries. EPA P3, which is serving as a Festival Partner, will feature entries of the competition, plus a host of sustainable design exhibits, during the Festival Expo, April 26-27 at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center.

"EPA P3 is excited to join this year's Festival to showcase the talent and creativity of all the college students competing and to demonstrate sustainability in action," says Cynthia Nolt-Helms, EPA P3 Program Manager. "Training the next generation of environmental scientists and engineers is essential to EPA's mission of protecting human health and the environment."

She adds that programs like EPA's P3 (now in its tenth year) give students hands-on learning experience that brings their classroom learning to life. "Having the chance to show their work to the public is an integral part of the program, and the Festival gives them the chance to explain their research and demonstrate their projects to hundreds of thousands of people," Cynthia says.

This year's competition, which fields 40 teams from colleges and universities across the country, features a wide array of sustainable design entries that will be on display at the Festival Expo -- ranging from earth-friendly fabrics and new biodegradable food packaging that keeps plastics out of landfills, to designs for car-less cities of the future, called "greenplexes ".

During the last hours of the Expo, awards to winning teams will be presented by EPA officials at a special EPA P3 Awards Ceremony.

EPA 2 USA Science  Engineering Festial Moreover, don't miss the exciting exhibits in sustainability that will be on display at P3's event from a cadre of longtime partners and "friends" of EPA P3. "For example," says Cynthia, "the Electric Vehicle Association will be bringing their cars to display and offer advice on how to convert your car to electric. The Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation will be sharing their free sustainability educational programs for students and teachers, and the non-profit and 2010 P3 Award winner, One Earth Designs, will be demonstrating their solar-powered cookstove technology for developing countries as well as their latest successful Kickstarter venture, solar cookers for campers here in the U.S."

The potential impact that a program like EPA P3 can have on participating students' confidence, motivation, and future innovation in sustainability cannot be underestimated, Cynthia adds. "Every year, we are inspired by the outstanding students, and recommitted to our work at EPA," she says. "Every single student who competes is a change maker whose creativity and talent gives us hope for the future of the planet. We look forward to sharing that inspiring experience with everyone at the Science and Engineering Festival."

The USA Science & Engineering Festival thanks EPA P3, and our other valued Partners and Sponsors, for inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers!