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USASEF 150x600 Zozi4Extreme sports – ranging from competitive big-wave surfing, downhill skiing and mountain climbing to skydiving and the grueling rigors of the Ironman Triathlon – represent some of the most challenging, intense and risky undertakings around. What is it that drives some individuals to embrace the dangers of extreme sports, while most of us prefer the safety of the sidelines? And what's behind the success of these amazing X-athletes, including their spectacular performances that leave us in awe?

At Expo 2014, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look into the world of X-sports, and the science that in many ways propels it. Our panel members, provided by ZOZI, the leading brand for adventure, will feature sports legends from the ZOZI Guru™ team:

Maya Gabeira - The LA Times dubbed this Brazilian extreme sports surfer the "Super Woman of Big-Wave Surfing" - and for good reason. Learn the science and physics behind her daring surfing performances - including the 45-foot wave she rode off of South Africa - the biggest wave ever surfed by a female!

Chris Lieto - In the grueling sport of the Ironman Triathlon, he reigns as one of the world's best athletes. Gain insight into the success of this three-time Ironman champion, including the science behind his rigorous physical training and daily diet.

Tao Berman - This competitive, gutsy extreme kayaker is definitely at the top of his game, so much in fact that Sports Illustrated acclaims him "the best kayaker on the planet". Gain insight into the science behind his daring kayaking maneuvers that have awed fans worldwide, including earning him the world record in waterfall descent (98.4 feet)!

These two panel presentations on Saturday and Sunday will be moderated separately by two of Washington, D.C.'s leading TV journalists: Scott Thuman, the Emmy-award winning Senior Political Reporter who covers the White House and Capitol Hill for ABC7 News and News Channel 8; and Alex Parker, the 7-time Emmy Award winner who hosts SportsTalk on News Channel 8.

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