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March 11, 2014

Vol. 3, No. 16

Thank you to our newest Sponsors

The DIY and Maker Movement are helping to inspire a new generation of average Americans to build and invent viable technological creations of their own. At Festival Expo 2014 you'll meet the some the top individuals and organizations in the country ,who are driving this movement, in addition how you can join in! Don't miss the dynamic hands-on DIY exhibits by these and other innovators: Makers Toolbox, Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science, MAKE, Technology Will Save Us, The Tech Shop, One Tesla, and the St. Louis School.

U.S. News STEM Solutions National Leadership Conference Discount Issued for Festival Fans

Frontiers for Young Minds is offering a great opportunity for kids aged 12-15 and living in the Washington D.C. area to participate in the review of two of our Young Minds articles. These kids will engage with our mentors, ask questions and contribute constructively and objectively towards the improvement of the article, thus making it suitable for a young audience.

Teaser: The Chevron STEM Zone is one of the most dynamic, interactive science exhibits around, boasting 3600 square feet of hands-on STEM demonstration excitement. This April as a major Festival sponsor, Chevron will be bringing the ¨STEM Zone¨ to the Festival Expo for two unforgettable days of science discovery with Chevron outreach mentors! Don't miss the STEM Zone's Hydrogen Car Challenge, Fab Lab Demos and other experiences that make STEM come alive and demonstrate to students how science is applied in the real world!