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stemhealthofficial 1213LImagine having the opportunity-- under one roof for two exciting days -- to meet and get college and career advice from representatives of some of the top colleges and universities in STEM; learn of rewarding STEM employment opportunities from leading industry employers; find out about internships, mentorships and scholarships in STEM, plus meet and connect with real-life role models in STEM fields.

You'll experience it all at the Festival Expo's 2014 Career Pavilion for High School Students! Students and parents, don't miss the opportunity to attend this must-see (and free) event April 26-27 in which more than 75 colleges and universities, and 20 companies will participate to help put students on the correct path in STEM.

USASF12EM 254The Pavilion will also include a special component called the STEM & Health Sciences Virtual College & Career Fair -- which, hosted by StudentPerch, LLC, will focus on providing timely online advice in higher education, employment and career advice related to the health sciences from such sectors as government, tech companies, and academic institutions.

In addition, the Festival's Career Pavilion will also give students a chance to explore tomorrow's hot careers in areas such as renewable energy, robotics, space tourism, nanotechnology, virtual reality, clean technology, genetics, education, and many other exciting fields.

Click Here to view the awesome exhibitors!

Here's a brief breakdown of the other major areas of the Pavilion:

College Fair: Students and parents can talk with representatives to find out what it takes to get into a STEM program at some of the best universities or colleges, including the application process involving testing/admissions, financial aid, what required courses are required and offered, extracurricular activities, and graduate school opportunities.

STEM Programs Exposition: This area of the event features booths for students to visit and find out from universities, laboratories, companies and others how to identify and apply for internships, mentorships, scholarships and after-school programs in STEM. Professionals representing these areas are encouraged to have appropriate brochures, pamphlets, application forms, deadlines, websites and other resource information available to distribute to visitors.

Job Fair: This area will include such representatives as Human Resources and hiring managers from companies, universities, government agencies, laboratories and other entities who are recruiting for employment opportunities in such fields as: renewable energy, robotics, mathematics, nanotechnology, virtual reality, clean technology, genetics, medical research, life sciences and education.

SPECIAL PROGRAM -- Meet The Scientists & Engineers: Students can conduct in-person interviews with scientists and engineers, in what we like to call "speed dating of science"! Scientists/Engineers Encounters will give students the unique opportunity to interact one-on-one with a role model scientist and/or engineer in an informal environment. The goal is to give students a glimpse of the day-to-day lives of scientists and what is going on in cutting-edge research today.

For more information on the Career Pavilion event, click here