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apolloHis act is so smooth and benign that Forbes magazine calls him the "artful manipulator of awareness." Adding to his reputation as a sleight-of-hand maestro is the fact that he once picked the pockets of the Secret Service while he entertained a former President!

Be in the audience at the Expo next month when Apollo Robbins, renowned performer and star of National Geographic's Brain Games, brings his amazing array of illusionary skills to the Festival, giving audiences an unforgettable look inside the "Science of Illusion."

His talents as a performer – especially his skill as a master pickpocket -- have made him a favorite with such media outlets as ABC, Fox, CBS and Discovery Channel, in addition to making him in demand by an A-List clientele for which he travels the world performing.

Despite their high degree of glitz and entertainment, Apollo's amazing performances also have a scientific objective: to demonstrate how easily our brain's attention and awareness control centers can be tricked and manipulated.

Known as "The Gentleman Thief" he handles his participants in a non-intrusive way, without embarrassing them, often giving his audience a behind-the-scenes view.

Apollo's trademark is his unique ability to tell his "target" that he is about to steal from them, before he does it, right under their nose.

He has also collaborated with academics in his quest to understand how awareness and attention can be manipulated. For example, he is co-author of a paper published in 2011 in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience that explores something he noticed in his countless hours of practicing his performances: people's eyes are more easily misdirected to follow a curve than a straight line.

Watch a preview video here: 


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