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david pogueDavid Pogue's high-profile credentials include hosting the popular NOVA ScienceNow series on PBS, serving as the anchor columnist for Yahoo Tech, writing tech columns for the New York Times and Scientific American, serving as an Emmy Award-winning technology correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning -- and even conducting Broadway musicals!

You'll get the chance to meet and hear David Pogue next April when he brings his versatile and edgy style of science journalism and high-tech expertise to the Festival Expo.

Adding to his versatile background, David is also one of the world's best-selling how-to authors, with more than 3 million books in print. He wrote or co-wrote seven books in the For Dummies series (including Macs, Magic, Opera, and Classical Music).

In 1999, he even launched his own series of complete, funny computer books called The Missing Manual series, which now includes 120 titles.

Of all his roles in the media, David, who originally trained in music, is perhaps more immediately known as the host of the critically acclaimed NOVA ScienceNow science magazine series where he offers an edgy take on science as he is immersed in hilarious and dangerous situations. (The previous host was the venerated astrophysicist and science communicator, Neil deGrasse Tyson.)

At ScienceNow, David uses his engaging personality and tireless enthusiasm, as well as his natural curiosity as a tech journalist and passion for storytelling to take viewers on a fast-paced ride through some of the most intriguing stories and breakthroughs of our time. In this realm, he has tackled such questions as: "How Smart Can We Get?" (in which he finds out how the anatomy of his brain measures up to Albert Einstein's); "What Are Animals Thinking?" (in which he races against homing pigeons without the aid of his iPhone's GPS), and "Can Science Stop Crime?" (in which David tries to outsmart computerized lie detectors).

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