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How can science's ability to harness big data help improve cybersecurity, disease detection, and energy sustainability? Is there a link between music training and students' performance in math and science? What can we learn about physics from such superheroes as Spider-Man and the Flash?

You'll discover insights into these and other timely questions at the Festival Expo's X-STEM Extreme STEM Symposium set for April 24 at the Washington D.C. Convention Center -- where some of the nation's most noted innovators will gather to share their knowledge.

This unforgettable all-day event, presented by Northrop Grumman Foundation and MedImmune, will give students, teachers and others the opportunity to interact with a host of prominent leaders and pioneers in STEM, including space exploration, green technology, storm chasing, the science behind Hollywood TV and film stunts, oceanography, science policy making, nanotechnology, computer science, biomimicry, and biotech entrepreneurship pursuits.

Which is why we want to be sure you don't miss out on this exciting "limited tickets only" event. The deadline to register for the X-STEM Symposium is TODAY! Note: Act now to obtain your tickets to the symposium by reading information at the bottom of this article.

Throughout the day at the symposium, middle through high school students, teachers and others will have the chance to sit in on multiple engaging presentations, live demonstrations and hands-on workshops with experts.

Here are just a few of the trailblazers who are sure to inspire you at X-STEM Extreme:

ellen stofan 2014 X-STEM Speaker NASA rsEllen Stofan, Ph.D. – Her father was a rocket scientist in the early days of the U.S. space program, and today she is making her mark on this frontier as well -- first as a groundbreaking planetary geologist studying the terrains of Mars, Venus and Saturn's Moon, and now as the recently-appointed Chief Scientist at NASA. Discover this fascinating leader in space exploration and the future she foresees for NASA and spaceflight!

2014 X-STEM speaker Melissa Rhoads rsMelissa Rhoads – The ability to capture, manage and analyze huge and complex sets of data is a tremendous challenge by any means, but discover how this data analytics strategist at Lockheed Martin is helping to lead the effort to harness big data to improve cyber security, disease detection, energy management and other fields!

Parag ChordiaParag Chordia, Ph.D. – As director of Georgia Tech University's Music Intelligence Lab, he was a pioneer in establishing the link between music exposure and creativity, and students' performance in math and science. Discover how he is now using his research expertise to develop high-tech computer apps that help everyone create their own music!

joe schwarcz reszeJoseph Schwarcz, Ph.D.– Meet Dr. Joe! Learn about the science of paranormal from this noted professor of chemistry from Canada's McGill University and how he uses his multi-faceted skills as a chemical scientist, magician, author, food expert and motivational speaker to inspire kids in science in fascinating ways!

NF PHOTO --BobReiss resizedBob Reiss – Learn why in more than three years of researching the rapid changes in the Arctic, this prominent science author and journalist has reached a timely and sobering conclusion: Look to the Arctic -- that's where much of our common future as Americans is about to play out.

james kakaliosJames Kakalios, Ph.D. – Discover from this noted physicist what such superheroes as Superman and the Flash can teach us about physics. He should know -- he wrote the definitive book, The Physics of Superheroes!







Register to attend a full day dedicated to celebrating STEM! Click here to purchase your tickets! Remember the deadline is TODAY to register.

General Admission: $25 per person (early bird rate). K-12 Students and Educators: $15 per person (early bird rate).

(Teachers- contact us for a chance to obtain free tickets)

For more information on the X-STEM Symposium including the agenda for April 24, 2014 visit this link.

festival -- xstem bio photo--sylvia earle RSAlso, we are thrilled to have Sylvia Earle, lifelong oceanographer and National Geographic Explorer in Resident, speak at the XSTEM conference. She won the TED prize in 2009 and gave this speech that shook the ocean community and gave birth to Mission Blue, a global initiative to protect 20% of our ocean by 2020. Dr. Earle urged people "to use all means at your disposal — films, expeditions, the web, new submarines — to create a campaign to ignite public support for a global network of marine protected areas; Hope Spots large enough to save and restore the blue heart of the planet." You can connect with Mission Blue on Facebook or Twitter to join the push for greater global ocean conservation.