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USASEF Youth Advisor Panel

STEMspiration is the first STEM conference of its kind - a completely student-led event bringing together leaders, doers, makers and thinkers of the highest caliber. STEMspiration has been crafted by the USASEF Youth Advisers as an independent initiative to promote powerful ideas and collaboration in the STEM world.

On April 24th, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will be kicking off the inaugural event at McKinley Technology High School, followed by esteemed speakers including NPR science correspondent Joe Palca and Bill Drayton, Founder & CEO of Ashoka, to share their ideas and stories with a diverse audience of students.

Who is STEMspiration for, you might ask? Frankly, it is for anyone who cares deeply about the future of science in our society, and how we will encourage rising generations to fearlessly jump into the fray of innovation and discovery. Students, teachers, policy makers, non-profits, inventors, academics, and anyone else will find a place at STEMspiration. While the event will be taking place at the Two Rivers Public Charter School in Washington D.C., it will be live-streamed for easy access to anyone who has access to the internet.

This isn't your typical paint-by-numbers cookie-cutter event. This conversation represents the future - and was organized by the youth of tomorrow. A group of young world-changers unified to bring the best of STEM to Science Week 2014. The team behind STEMspiration includes international science fair winners like Jack Andraka and Sara Volz, social entrepreneurs like Ritankar Das and Param Jaggi, inventor Jonny Cohen, explorer Parker Liautaud, and author/activist Adora Svitak, and game designer Erik Martin. Each has done incredible work to help society, and all share a common vision for promoting STEM and helping all young people change the world.

This group will also be speaking at the White House, the US News and World Report STEM Solutions Conference (closing keynote) and the State Department during Science Week 2014 to promote many of the core ideas leading up to STEMspiration. You can also catch some of them during the Expo as part of the Teen Inventors Panel on the Lockheed Martin Stage on Friday or Sunday.

To join the event virtually you can tune into the livestream HERE on April 24th at 9 AM EST. The Youth Advisors are excited to have you join!