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SF12K 0470What's next in space exploration and nanotechnology? What groundbreaking discoveries are on the horizon in medicine and drug discovery, and how can you prepare for careers in these exciting frontiers? Don't miss the Expo's "Meet the Scientists and Engineers" presentation series featuring some of the noted high-tech leaders in the nation, including:

Lockheed Martin: Get set to talk to the amazing engineers, technologists, scientists and other innovative individuals at Lockheed Martin, the Festival's founding and presenting host. Learn about the projects Lockheed Martin professionals are working on that impact the world we live in -- everything from space exploration and innovation in flight to the design of super-small innovations through nanotechnology.

NASA: Learn what this renowned innovator is doing to pioneer the future of space exploration scientific discovery and aeronautics research. Plus meet and learn from the scientists and engineers who are helping to make it happen!

MedImmune: This global leader, and co-presenter of the Festival's Extreme X-STEM Symposium, is helping to usher in some of the most promising biotechnology advancements that will have a true impact on health, including those involving immunology and drug discovery platforms. Come chat with a wide range of MedImmune employees -- from physicians and veterinarians to pharmacists and former aerospace engineers -- about their work and the training required.

National Institutes of Health (NIH): Why would an analysis of the duck-billed platypus genome provide new insights into our own genome? What is a metabolic chamber and why does it help us understand more about obesity? Want to learn more about how you can work on questions these and other timely questions? Come talk to NIH scientists, health communicators and other health professionals. Find out what scientists do all day, what training they have and why they like their jobs so much!

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulates nuclear power plants and regulates nuclear material that is used in science, medicine and industry. Come talk to our experts to find out that Nuclear material is used for many things besides nuclear power such as detecting and treating certain illnesses to locating cracks in steel to even measuring the amount of air whipped into ice cream!

AAAS: New scientific discoveries are made every day! What is the future of science? How can you become a part of it? Come meet scientists from a wide range of fields and talk to researchers about what they are working on right now.

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy: Come meet pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists working in fields you'd never expect: infectious disease research, neuropharmacology, drug development, medicinal chemistry and more!

For more information about our "Meet the Scientists and Engineers" Program click here.