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In 2010, we launched the first Kavli Science Video Contest and our theme was "why is science cool". Last year, we challenged you to show us how "Science and Engineering can save our World." For the 3rd Kavli Science Video Contest we have a new question to ask you: "Is it Science or is it Fiction?"

Did you ever read a book or watch a scene from a movie and say, "That could NEVER happen?" or "That really COULD happen!" Either way, we want you to prove it! Did the filmmakers get the physics right? Were the explosions too big or too small for the scene? How much energy does it take to outrun a fireball?

Kavli Foundation ContestWe're asking students to investigate how science is portrayed in television, films, games, and literature. Using an example found in film, television, video games, novels or short stories, students either debunk the science (using evidence that shows it's fantasy) or tell us why the science is accurate (using evidence that supports their argument.) Students must submit a video ( :30- :90) that illustrates their discoveries. The contest is open to international students grades 6-12. We will begin to accept entries on November 1, 2013.

The Kavli Science Video Contest doubled in size from 2010 to 2012 and we were truly astounded by the high level of scientific knowledge and creativity in the student submissions. The Contest Awards Show at the Festival Expo is one the most popular events and we are so proud of our winners!

For the 3rd Contest, we have a new team of expert advisors on tap, including our panel for "Getting the Science Right in Hollywood" featuring organic chemist and advisor to the show "Breaking Bad" Donna Nelson, particle physicist and science consultant for the show "The Big Bang Theory" David Saltzberg and physician and medical consultant for the show "House, MD" David Foster.

Check out our contest page for links to sample movie clips. It's never too early to start brainstorming and planning your videos for the 2014 Kavli "Science or Fiction" video contest!