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Published by Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, American Scientist is an award-winning magazine of science and technology, featuring articles written by prominent scientists and engineers, reviewing important work in fields that range from molecular biology to computer engineering. The Festival is grateful to American Scientist for returning as an Einsteinium level Media Partner! Thank you!



National Science Foundation, where discoveries begin, is an independent federal agency created by Congress "to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense..." NSF funds approximately 20 percent of all federally supported basic research conducted by America's colleges and universities in fields such as as mathematics, computer science and the social sciences. We are thrilled to have NSF return to sponsor the Festival as an Einsteinium Level Sponsor! Thank you NSF! We look forward to another great partnership!



With nearly 60,000 members in 100 countries, Sigma Xi is an international, multidisciplinary research society whose programs and activities promote the health of the scientific enterprise and honor scientific achievement. Since 1886, Sigma Xi has honored excellence in scientific investigation and encouraged a sense of companionship and cooperation among researchers in all fields of science and engineering. We are thrilled to have Sigma Xi return as an Einsteinium level Media Partner for the 3rd Festival! Thank you! 


KidWind usa-science-engineering-festival-krypton-sponsor

KidWind is a renewable energy education company that focuses on the science of wind power. KidWind has created a comprehensive K-12 curriculum that adheres to various state standards that is easily accessible to teachers and students. The Festival is thrilled that KidWind will return to sponsor the Festival now jumping up from the Titanium Level to a Krypton Level Sponsor! Thank you!



FEI Company is the world leader in electron microscopy solutions for research, life sciences, electronics and industry. FEI's global customer base includes researchers, scientists, engineers, lab managers, and other skilled professionals. Thank you to FEI Company for returning and bumping up from a Palladium Level Sponsor to a Platinum Level Sponsor! We are looking forward to another great partnership!



Since 1888, the American Mathematical Society has successfully increased the interest of mathematical research and scholarships. With national and international publications, meetings, advocacy and other programs, AMS continues to promote mathematical research, encourage mathematical understanding, support mathematical education and advance the status of professional mathematics. Thank you to AMS for returning to support the Festival as Palladium Level Sponsor!


Kurion Logo - Isolating Waste from the Environment

Kurion is a clean energy company that creates technological solutions that minimize and stabilize nuclear and hazardous waste for safe, secure and permanent disposal around the world. Kurion returns to sponsor the Festival again, however they have bumped up their sponsorship from Titanium Level to Palladium Level! Thank you Kurion!