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Nifty Fifty Speaker USA Science  Engineering FestivalWanted: Accomplished, exciting professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) who are passionate about what they do – and have the proven experience and desire to communicate that passion to young students in engaging and interactive ways.

If you know such individuals, please consider nominating them for the Festival's elite Nifty Fifty Speakers Program today! 

This high-profile group of STEM researchers and professionals -- through their stimulating, interactive visits to middle and high schools in the Washington, DC region -- play a leading role in the Festival's mission to inspire and inform young minds about exciting fields and careers in STEM.

The Nifty Fifty, which will triple in size to 150 speakers for the 2014 Festival, represents experts in a wide range of fields, including green technology, robotics, human health and medicine, astronomy and space exploration, nanotechnology, computer science, and science related to business startups, law, public policy, and more. Nominations are needed now to begin reviewing candidates for the 2013-2014 school year.

And if you are a school in the greater Washington D.C. area with interest in having a Nifty Fifty speaker come to your school, please fill out this brief interest form so that we can notify you when we begin accepting speaker requests from schools.

Here is just a "sneak peek" at some of the Nifty Fifty speakers who have been selected so far:

Tyler-DeWitt TEDTyler DeWitt – This high school teacher and Ph.D. student in Microbiology at MIT is fast becoming known as a innovator in science education as he implements exciting new approaches to classroom instruction and curricula that foster critical thinking and problem solving.


S James Gates 2014 Nifty Fifty Speaker USA Science and Engineering FestivalSylvester James Gates, Ph.D. – Learn how the desire to pursue physics began at eight years old for this renowned scientist, leading him later to groundbreaking research in such cutting-edge areas as superstring theory, supersymmetry and supergravity.


margaret hamburg 2014 Nifty Fifty Speaker USA Science and Engineering FestivalMargaret Hamburg, M.D. – As the top official of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this physician and neuroscience researcher is responsible for making and enforcing policies that protect the public health of us all -- from the food we eat to the medicines we use. Discover the challenges she faces in this high-profile position.

2014 Nifty Fifty Speaker Diandra Leslie-Pelecky USA Science  Engineering FestivalDiandra Leslie-Pelecky, Ph.D. – Buckle up as this noted physicist (who penned the book The Physics of NASCAR) takes you on full-throttle journey through the science of race car driving and other aspects of speed!


Geoffrey Ling 2014 Nifty Fifty SpeakerGeoffrey Ling , M.D., Ph.D. – Discover how this renowned specialist in brain and spinal cord injury is leading a national effort to develop the first fully-functioning bionic arm and other highly functional prosthetic limbs for returning wounded soldiers and others through his work at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).


Click here to view the complete list of Nifty Fifty who have been selected thus far.