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Get ready to take science to the extreme at Festival Expo 2014 during an unforgettable day-long experience interacting with some of the most engaging minds in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Mark your calendar to join us Thursday, April 24, 2014 for the X-STEM Extreme Symposium, presented by Northrop Grumman Foundation, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC.

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The X-STEM Symposium promises to be a day of inspiration and education as it brings you up close and personal with leading STEM professionals in such cutting-edge fields as space exploration, green technology, storm chasing, science advising in Hollywood TV and film, oceanography, nanotechnology, computer science, biomimicry, and biotech start up companies.

Note: Act now to obtain limited tickets to the symposium by reading information at the bottom of this article.

Throughout the day, elementary through high school students will have the opportunity to sit in on multiple engaging presentations, live demonstrations and hands-on workshops.

Here are just several exciting symposium presenters who are sure to inspire audiences:

Janine Benyus X-STEM 2014 USA Science and Engineering FestivalJanine Benyus – This prominent author, biologist and science educator wrote the seminal book that helped define the emerging field of biomimicry (a discipline that is aiding scientists in seeking sustainable solutions in technology by emulating nature's designs and processes -- such as solar cells that mimic photosynthesis in leaves). Discover the future direction of this exciting field and how it stands to impact our everyday lives!

Janine Benyus X-STEM 2014 USA Science and Engineering Festival

John-Grunsfeld-PhotoJohn Mace Grunsfeld, Ph.D. – Learn first-hand from this five-time Space Shuttle crew member what goes on at liftoff and in other critical areas of a Shuttle mission!

Barrington Irving 2014 X-STEM SpeakerBarrington Irving – This aerospace student made history in 2007 when at age 23 he became the youngest person to pilot a plane solo around the world, and the first black person to accomplish this feat. Learn of the challenges he faced preparing for and completing his historic 27,000 flight!

alan mccormack 2014 Nifty Fifty USA Science and Engineering FestivalAlan McCormack, Ph.D. – Discover how this former president of the National Science Teachers Association is using magic presentations based on the Harry Potter phenomenon to ignite students' excitement in science!

Steve Wolf 2014 Performer USA Science and Engineering Festival RSSteve Wolf – The work of this well-known Hollywood film stunt performer and special effects coordinator has appeared in such movies as The Firm, The Last Boy Scout, and Cast Away. Now, fasten your seat belts as Steve (founder of Science in the Movies, and president of Special FX International) takes you deep inside the wonders of physics and chemistry via the magic of stunt demonstrations -- from amazing pyrotechnics to unbelievable vehicular crashes!


For a rundown on all X-STEM presenters, visit here.



How to Attend the X-STEM Symposium:

Interested in attending an extreme day of STEM? Students, educators and STEM enthusiasts can participate by:

XSTEM logo final tagOption 1 – Buy a ticket (seats are limited and offered by invitation only)
--General Admission: $25 per person (early bird rate)
-- K-12 Students and Educators: $15 per person (early bird rate)

Note: The X-STEM Ticket Purchase Form is coming soon! Please sign up here to be added to our interest list.

Option 2 – Start an X-STEM School Ambassador Team for your school and come to the X-STEM Symposium for FREE!

Registering your school as an X-STEM School allows students on the X-STEM Ambassador Team to become student STEM Leaders for their school and community. Ambassadors to the 3rd USA Science and Engineering Festival play a critical role in increasing awareness for the 2014 Festival through marketing and outreach efforts. In exchange for their efforts, Ambassadors are invited to attend the Festival's special X-STEM event on April 24, 2014 at no cost, in addition to earning valuable community service credits for college applications and resumes. X-STEM Schools get their own Festival webpage, preferential registration for the Nifty Fifty program, reduced School exhibitor fees, and preferred School Bus Grant applications.

anacostia hsWe are proud to feature our X-STEM Schools with fabulous X-STEM Student Ambassador Teams.  Our X-STEM Student Ambassadors are the future of STEM in America - and we are excited to see all of the programs they create in 2013/2014. Within the first month of the X-STEM School program being launched, we have received over 120 X-STEM Registrations.

Anacostia High School -Washington, DC (pictured to the right) was our first Certified X-STEM School.  Look online to see their mission statement and activities, as well as our other fabulous X-STEM Schools on our X-STEM School Page.  We now have X-STEM Schools certified in the District of Columbia, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia! X-STEM Symposium Tickets will go first to schools that certify so don't delay! 

For more information on the X-STEM Ambassador program, and to register follow this link

For more information on the X-STEM program and symposium click here.