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We were absolutely thrilled with the incredible entries that were submitted for the Festival Mascot Contest! We received submissions from people all over the country and from all different levels of scientific and artistic backgrounds.  At this time, we have narrowed down our selection to the following 5 entries and it was REALLY difficult to make a decision with so many creative ideas! Our decision was based on the entire idea of the mascot and not just the artistic quality of the design. In the next coming months, our team of design experts will fine tune the winning design to create our first ever Festival Mascot! Please stay tuned to the next couple issues of our newsletter to see the winner and how we have used one of the ideas below to develop the new face of the USA Science & Engineering Festival!

*Note: The Mascot will be based loosely off the idea of one of these entries, however the USA Science & Engineering Festival design team will be creating the official Mascot. 

Here are your top 5 finalists:

"Tekky the Super Sci-Bear-Bot" by Lilian Norris

tekky scibearbot  with background 


"Ion" by Lauren Mueller

USASEF Mascot Contest Ion


"Stemmet and Stemma" by Kim Tomlinson Hebert

USASEF Mascot Stemmet




"Zeds the Zebra" by Sally Albright

USASEF Mascot Contest Zeds


"Newton" by Karen E. Wagner

USASEF Mascot Contest STEM


Honorable Mentions:
"Windy the Windmill "by Lisa Scott,  "Adam Atom" by Colman Goco,  "Walter Stem" by Carolyn Youstra and "Proton Pete & Madame Curiosity" by Melissa Ou. 

USASEF Mascot Contest Windy     USASEF Mascot Contest Adam the Adam   USASEF Mascot Contest Walter STEM 

   USASEF Mascot Madame Curiosity    scientistmascot


Thank you for all of the amazing submissions and look out for the new USA Science & Engineering Mascot coming soon!!