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Exhibitor Image for USA Science  Engineering Festival Boost the visibility of your institution, organization or K-12 school in major ways by signing up TODAY as a Festival Expo Exhibitor! Click here to join the growing list of science and engineering professionals, innovators and enthusiasts who will be showcasing their exciting hands-on exhibits in STEM on April 25-27, 2014 at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center! More than 250,000 Expo visitors from across the country and around the world are expected.

And don't forget, the Festival will be offering other high-profile activities for exhibitors during the week leading up to the Expo, opportunities designed to boost the visibility of your organization's role and achievements in STEM!

You don't want to miss...

VIP Night:

Expo exhibitors will receive further attention during Expo Week at VIP Night on April 25 when they and their exhibits are honored and profiled at this high-profile event, which will be attended by prominent supporters of the Festival and by industry leaders from the STEM Solutions Conference. Note: VIP Night is an invitation-only event for Festival sponsors and exhibitors. Stay tuned for more information.

Sign up as an Expo exhibitor today! Here are just a few exciting organizations which have done so already:

American Society for Cell Biology USA Science  Engineering Festival Sponsor--Up Close With the Building Blocks of Life: See cells like never before with scientists from the American Society for Cell Biology as you view the inner workings of plants, animals, and humans close up through high-tech microscopes and amazingly beautiful videos!



UCSD USA Science  Engineering Festival Exhibitor--What is Bioengineering, Anyway? Go deep into this question in exciting ways with innovators from the UC San Diego Jacobs School Department of Bioengineering! Can bioscientists grow a heart in a dish? Can a tattoo read your mind? How does DNA act like a computer program for your body? Gain insight from scientists at the frontline of discovery!



Marine Society USA Science  Engineering Festival--The Amazing World of Marine Invertebrates: A stunning 97% of the world's organisms lack a backbone, and you'll get to know many of these creatures up close and personal with scientists from the Marine Science Consortium. Through live animal interactions and hands-on games, you'll discover spineless marine creatures such as crabs, sea urchins and whelks in a way like never before.


Society for Neuroscience USA Science  Engineering Festival Exhibitor--The Final Frontier: Exploration of the Brain: Meet real brain scientists from the Society for Neuroscience to learn what they are discovering about such brain frontiers as memory,learning, consciousness, anxiety disorders and autism. Learn also how to get involved in Brain Awareness Week and support brain research efforts.


Smithsonian USA Science  Engineering Exhibitor --Take Off With the Science of Flight: With the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, discover how to build the perfect paper airplane and how the four forces of flight play a role in effecting everything that flies in Earth's atmosphere and beyond. And take home plenty of kid- and teacher-friendly hand-outs for further air and space exploration at home or at school.


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