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Our sponsors and exhibitors at the Festival are known not only for their ability and love of communicating science and engineering to the public in exciting ways, but also for being at the frontlines of research in their fields. Here are just a few of our sponsors who have made news headlines recently for innovative developments that are making a difference:


lg draperlogoThe Air That They Breathe: While in space, astronauts are constantly at risk of breathing potentially harmful compounds in the air of their spacecraft or other closed environments. That risk is now dramatically reduced thanks to a new system developed by Draper Laboratories which allows the quality of re-circulated air in spacecrafts to be monitored more effectively by astronauts and ground crews. Read more here


usa-science-engineering-festival-titanium-sponsor-SDSUAutism -- A Deeper Brain Disorder Than Previously Thought: Recent research at San Diego State University's Brain Development Laboratory has provided further evidence that autism is a deeper brain condition than previously realized. SDSU scientists found that autism in children not only impacts social abilities, but also a broad range of sensory and motor skills centered in the brain's thalamus and cerebral cortex regions.  Read more here.



usa-science-engineering-festival-einsteinium-sponsor-NSF-logoNSF Launches President Obama's Brain Initiative: In the first step towards launching President Obama's Brain Initiative -- the world effort to explore and understand the many mysteries of the human brain -- the National Science Foundation recently convened the Brain Workshop which was attended by 140 leading scientists from around the world. The workshop began to map strategies in how to approach unlocking the secrets of the brain -- the most complex and dynamic biological structure on Earth! Read more here



University of Rochester USA Science  Engineering Festival SponsorWhy the Naked Mole Rat Never Gets Cancer: A research team led by scientists from the University of Rochester (New York) is shedding compelling light on the anti-cancer properties of the naked mole rat, a small creature with baggy skin and no fur, which is known to live up to 30 years -- an unprecedented age among small rodents -- without developing cancer. The naked mole rat's cancer-fighting secret will surprise you, and could help to prevent cancer in humans! Read more here.

Thank you to all of our Festival Sponsors and we look forward to more groundbreaking research in the headlines!