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Robotic Fish Replace Live Rodents in Biomedical Studies: Scientists have long used mice and rats in a wide range of biomedical research investigations, but learn how mechanical engineers at Polytechnic Institute of NYU are effectively replacing these rodents and other live animals with robotic fish in studies examining alcohol's effect on the brain and behavior! Read more here.



american-mathematical-societyA Mathematical Theory to Explain How the World Works? You'll be intrigued to read about a "geometric unity" theory by physicist Eric Weinstein that is purported to shed light on why the universe works the way it does. This and other compelling developments in mathematics appear in the recent issue of the American Mathematical Society's monthly online magazine, "Math in the Media".  Click here for more information. 


genentech logo baselineFrom Genentech – An Exciting iPad App to Teach About Genetics: Check it out! Genentech has just released an iPad app to teach people about DNA and genetics. Known as Ralph's Killer Muenster, the game builds on players' ability to identify genetic patterns. The goal is to spark an interest in science and to celebrate the 60th anniversary this year of the discovery of DNA's structure! Click here to read more. 


color webRiders on the Storm: Engineers at the University of Florida are developing tiny autonomous drones and submarines that will better help predict the path, trajectory and intensity of hurricanes. Watch the video of this developing technology by clicking here! 


Attention Festival Sponsors: Please email Carly if you would like for us to share some of your exctiing research and latest developments!