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Sylvia Earle USA Science  Engineering Festival XSTEM SpeakerThough another beach summer is ending, and Shark Week 2013 is a memory, the thrill of the ocean is a never-ending fascination. Get ready to experience what we mean when the Festival Expo takes you deep within the mysteries of the sea next April with some of the nation's foremost oceanographers, including Titanic exploration leader David Gallo, and legendary conservationist Nan Hauser, whose tireless efforts are helping to save the endangered humpback whale!

Join us April 24, 2014 in Washington, D.C. to meet and interact with our exciting cadre of ocean explorers as part of the Festival's X-STEM Extreme STEM Symposium presented by Northrop Grumman Foundation and MedImmune.

This unforgettable all-day event will not only give visitors the opportunity to hear and interact with some of the most prominent visionaries in oceanography and marine science, but also leaders in other areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Which is why we want to be sure you don't miss out on this exciting "limited tickets only" event set for the Washington, D.C. Convention Center! 

Note: Act now to obtain your tickets to the symposium by reading information at the bottom of this article.

At the symposium, elementary through high school students, teachers and others will have the opportunity to sit in on multiple engaging presentations, live demonstrations and hands-on workshops with leaders on such topics as the future of space flight, green technology, storm chasing, the science behind Hollywood TV and film stunts, oceanography, genetics, science policy making, nanotechnology, computer science, biomimicry, and biotech start up companies.

In the realm of sea exploration, here are just several trailblazers who are sure to inspire you:

festival -- xstem bio photo--sylvia earle RSSylvia Earle, Ph.D. –This legendary oceanographer has been dubbed "Her Deepness" by the New York Times, and a "Hero for the Planet" by Time magazine – and for good reason. Discover how her tireless, groundbreaking, and often courageous work deep below the sea is raising consciousness worldwide to save the planet's most precious resource – the ocean!


Nan Hauser X-STEM speaker 2014Nan Hauser, Ph.D. – Hear how the work of this passionate scientist-conservationist in the remote tropical region of the Cook Islands is leading to promising inroads to study and save the endangered humpback whale!



David GalloDavid Gallo, Ph.D. – Find out what life is like deep below the ocean as this renowned oceanographer (who co-led the Titanic exploration) reveals the wonders of his fascinating undersea journeys.



Nifty Fifty STEM speaker J Craig Venter 2014 USA Science  Engineering FestivalJ. Craig Venter, Ph.D. – This scientist, who led the first sequencing of the human genome, is on a quest to unlock the secrets of the oceans by sampling, sequencing and analyzing the DNA of the microorganisms living in these waters. He not only has plenty to say about the future of DNA research discovery, but also about how to really excite today's students about science (since he was once a bored science student himself)! Don't miss his insightful presentation!


2014 NF Bio Photo-- AaronAlford2 2014 NF Bio photo- Jason OsborneAaron Alford, Ph.D. and Jason Osborne– Noted research scientist Aaron Alford and White House recognized citizen scientist Jason Osborne - founders of the exciting natural science exploration organization known as Paleo Quest - take you deep underwater in search of new species of sharks, whales and other marine mammals from our ancient past!


For a rundown on all X-STEM presenters, visit here.

How to Attend the X-STEM Symposium:

Interested in attending an extreme day of STEM? Students, educators and STEM enthusiasts can participate by:

Option 1 – Buy a ticket (seats are limited and offered by invitation only)

  • General Admission: $25 per person (early bird rate)
  • K-12 Students and Educators: $15 per person (early bird rate)

Note: The X-STEM Ticket Purchase Form is coming soon! Please sign up here to be notified when registration opens.

Option 2 – Start an X-STEM School Ambassador Team for your school and come to the X-STEM Symposium for FREE!

Registering your school as an X-STEM School allows students on the X-STEM Ambassador Team to become student STEM Leaders for their school and community. Ambassadors to the 3rd USA Science and Engineering Festival play a critical role in increasing awareness for the 2014 Festival through marketing and outreach efforts. In exchange for their efforts, Ambassadors are invited to attend the Festival's special X-STEM event on April 24, 2014 at no cost, in addition to earning valuable community service credits for college applications and resumes. X-STEM Schools get their own Festival web page, preferential registration for the Nifty Fifty program, reduced School exhibitor fees, and preferred School Bus Grant applications.

For more information on the X-STEM Ambassador program, and to register click here.

For more information on the X-STEM program and symposium follow this link.