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USASF12M 2646Startup companies in science and technology represent some of the most exciting, cutting-edge endeavors today. Fueled by venture capital risk-taking, bold ideas and an individual "can-do" spirit, these enterprises are ushering in new directions in high technology that are being felt everywhere from biosciences and green technology to space exploration and DIY.

Join us next April at the Festival in Washington, D.C. when leading startup companies from across America take you on an exciting exploration of their latest innovations through hands-on exhibits during Expo weekend.

Here are just a few of the dynamic startups you can expect to discover:

rethink robotics usa science festival exhibitorRethink Robotics: Boston, MA is the home of this bold startup which is changing the way robots can be used in production and research environments. Baxter is the name of its flagship robotic machine designed for manufacturing settings, while its new automaton for research environments is called the Baxter Research Robot. These machines are touted as safe, affordable and simple to use. As a result, Baxter and Baxter Research Robot are showing up in places you'd never expect to see a robot!


emotiv insight usa science  engineering festival exhibitor logoEmotiv Lifesciences, Inc.: Located in San Francisco, this bioinformatics company is integrating sophisticated computer networking, big data and mobile technology to develop technologies that accelerate brain research globally. For example, the company has introduced a sleek, sophisticated wireless "neuroheadset" called Emotiv Insight that is capable of recording your brainwaves and translating them into meaningful data that you can understand, thereby enabling wearers to optimize their brain performance. This includes measuring and tracking such neurosignals as attention, focus, interest, relaxation, excitement and stress, and interpreting facial expressions.


kurion usa science  engineering festival exhibitor logoKurion, Inc.: Kurion, based in Irvine, CA and founded in 2008, is a clean energy company that treats nuclear and hazardous waste around the world for safe, secure and permanent disposal. The company's waste management platform is set to be the most cost-effective path to achieve a final glass form, the best-demonstrated technology for waste disposal.


stratasys logo usa science  engineering festival exhibitor Stratasys: 3D printing technology is revolutionizing the way commercial products are designed and manufactured worldwide. Leading the growing cadre of companies in this field is Stratasys, one of the foremost makers of professional 3D printing systems and solutions. With dual headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, and Rehovot, Israel, the firm and its 3D printing innovations are currently assisting NASA engineers to develop technology to bring humans to Mars, and helping scientists advance such fields as medicine, defense and transportation.


Exo Lab Logo USA Science  Engineering Festival ExhibitorExo Labs: This innovative company founded in 2011 and based near Seattle, WA, is making an impact on science classrooms by making available microscope cameras that stream live images and videos from microscopes to iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches. For instance, Exo's Focus Microscope Camera (the company's first product) allows students, teachers and other users to capture these microscope pictures and videos; share them simultaneously, integrate images into reports; and assess classroom science assignment progress in real time. 


FLexiCell USA Science  Engineering Festival Exhibitor LogoFlexicell, Inc.: Founded in 1992 and based in Arlington, VA, this is one of the oldest robotic system integrators and automation equipment manufacturers in the United States. It has since grown to become a leading provider of robotic case packing solutions, palletizing solutions, and material handling equipment for manufacturing companies throughout North America in such fields as: food and beverage, pharmaceutical, health care, medical, and consumer electronics.


The Festival is still seeking amazing hands on exhibits to join us at the Expo in 2014! Click here for more information.