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nifty fiftyNothing spells STEM inspiration and excitement like 200 of the most high-profile scientists and engineers in the country fanning out across middle and high schools to demonstrate aspects of their work in the months leading up to the next USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo set for April 16-17, 2016! 

Prepare to be amazed once again as this elite group of science speakers called the Nifty Fifty (times 4) -- a program of Science Spark-- returns to the Festival more thrilling and in-demand than ever, bringing its special brand of stimulating and motivational hands-on presentations to middle and high schools in the Washington, D.C. metro region.

This is why schools in the area are encouraged to act soon to get an early jump on reserving a Nifty Fifty speaker for their students for the school year! Prepare to begin registering a speaker at the end of this month, in time for Nifty Fifty talks due to start in February, March and April of next year. Stay tuned to the next Festival newsletter for further details.

From space explorers, storm chasers and atom-smashing physicists to groundbreaking roboticists, science entrepreneurs and young innovators below the age of 30, the Nifty Fifty represents 200 of the nation's leading professionals in STEM.

Through interactive presentations with students, speakers are ready to give unforgettable insight into their work, how they chose their profession, the challenges they faced, opportunities available in the hot fields of tomorrow in STEM, and how to prepare. 

Here's a brief look at just some of the exciting Nifty Fifty speakers who are ready to present at your school:

David Brin 5 copyDavid Brin, Ph.D.-- The subject matter of this world-renowned author, researcher and speaker ranges from science and space aliens to pop culture and the future of Google Glasses. Learn what his work is telling us about the technological revolution that is changing our lives!



Crystal Dilworth 2014 Nifty Fifty Speaker rsCrystal Dilworth, Ph.D.-- Discover how this recent Caltech Ph.D. neuroscience grad (who is also a professional choreographer and former dancer who trained at the famous Ailey School in NYC) is on a personal mission to break down long-held stereotypes of scientists as geeks and nerds!

Darryl Pines resizedDarryll Pines, Ph.D. -- Learn from this "can do" engineer and Dean of the prestigious Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland what America must do to maintain its global leadership in engineering. And discover the innovative steps he is already taking to attract and retain engineering students.



Arthur Shapiro copyArthur Shapiro, Ph.D. -- Delve into the fascinating world of the science of visual illusions with this internationally-known cognitive neuro-scientist from American University. Prepare to be amazed as he demonstrates how optical illusions trick the eye and brain in the perception of reality, and why a curve ball is so hard to hit!

thumb ellen stofan 2014 X-STEM Speaker NASA rsEllen Stofan, Ph.D. – Her father was a rocket scientist in the early days of the U.S. space program, and today she is making her mark on this frontier as well -- first as a groundbreaking planetary geologist studying the terrains of Mars, and more recently as the newly appointed Chief Scientist at NASA. Discover the exciting future she foresees for spaceflight!

To view more information on these and other Nifty Fifty speakers, click here