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Join the ´Maker´ Movement! Meet the Hottest Innovators in DIY at Festival Expo 2016

No doubt about it: The Maker, or Do It Yourself (DIY), Movement – made up of everyday students and adults who are driven by the desire to create and apply technology like never before – is revolutionizing the direction of innovation. This growing hacker culture, which focuses on developing new tech devices and approaches while tinkering with existing ones, is already impacting such fields as electronics, robotics, 3D printing, metalworking, woodworking, and arts and crafts.

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At Festival Expo 2016 this month get ready to meet and interact with some of the best Maker experts in the business as they show you firsthand through an array of unforgettable exhibits how they go about creating their innovations!

Experience the fascination of such exhibitors as:

--Velleman: Delve into a myriad of high-tech products to help your Maker engineering projects come alive!

--Actobotics: Let your creativity run wild as you explore the Mechanical Madness exhibit demonstrated via hundreds of interactive mechanical parts -- perfect for the tinkerer!

--Cornell University Agua Clara (EPA P3): Learn how hacker students at Cornell University are alleviating the effects of harmful and excessive fluoride contamination in rural Indian well water!

-- Scope STEAM in 3D: Participate in a 3D print competition after learning how to build a DIY 3D printer, in addition to creating 3D art, glasses and MORE!

--Black Girls CODE: Build and create with this amazing group focused on inspiring girls and women of color to build their futures through computer science and technology.

-- Tech Shop DC-Arlington: Discover how easy it is to use manufacturing industry machines like laser cutters and 3D printers to accelerate your making abilities!

-- Rogue Making: This exhibitor comes all the way from California to teach you the possibilities of Wearable Technology -- using electrical engineering kits to sew, solder, and program electronics directly into your clothes, accessories, stuffed animals, anything!

--And much more! For a complete listing of Maker and other Festival exhibits, click here.