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Festival Expo With the Amazing Rapid Strike Mobile Plus Tour the F-16!

The United States Air Force -- founded and built on STEM innovation through flight -- continues to be a major innovator in STEM across 130 different career fields, as well as being a leader in training professionals in these demanding fields. Get ready as the Air Force returns as a key Festival sponsor to demonstrate in dynamic ways the many opportunities it offers in virtually all areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

 Air Force 1

At the Festival Expo on April 16-17, the Air Force will convey this message through unforgettable exhibit displays ranging from its Rapid Strike mobile tour and authentic F-16 Thunderbird fighter jet, to sessions about technical training and scholarships offered by the Air Force in such frontiers as Air, Space and Cyberspace.

According to Air Force Officials, “The USA Science & Engineering Festival is an ideal platform to showcase the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career opportunities with the Air Force. The Air Force is more than just planes and pilots. Each year we recruit over 30,000 of the best and brightest new Airmen, many of whom have a strong interest in STEM. All members receive technical training and scholarships to pursue and achieve their goals.”

Don´t miss the Air Force exhibit display featuring the Rapid Strike mobile tour, a unique full-motion simulator ride that immerses visitors in the high-tech world of the United States Air Force, such as a real-life Air Force mission, all from a first-person point-of-view.

Air Force 2

In addition, you´ll get the chance to view a full-sized Air Force F-16 Thunderbird fighter jet up close and personal, including its cockpit, and to capture this moment in pictures through a unique social sharing photo opportunity with this aircraft.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to converse with Air Force recruiters about technical training and scholarships available in a wide range of STEM careers.

Science and technology are inherent to the Air Force´s mission, and through the Festival Expo we hope to help inspire young people's interest and participation in these challenging and rewarding fields.

To learn more about STEM initiatives and careers in the Air Force, please visit or