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The Festival Expo´s Stage Shows Return -- More Amazing Than Ever!


You´re sure to be wowed by the lineup of amazing Festival Stage Shows and Performers in store for Expo visitors this month, proving once again why these hands-on STEM attractions are some of the best during Expo weekend! Visit our stage show page for details on stage show times and locations plus our "Meet the Scientists & Engineers Program", including how you can build your own personal Festival schedule!

Stage Show

Here are just some of the incredible stage show performances you can expect:

Tracking Sharks With Chris Fischer: Don´t miss this amazing presentation as Chris Fischer, Expedition Leader and Founding Chairman of Ocearch, shares the excitement of his research expeditions and his efforts to track white sharks and other ocean giants using Ocearch´s Global Shark Tracker technology! Watch video here. 

Time, Einstein and the Coldest Stuff in the Universe: Have you ever met a Nobel Prize-winning scientist? You will in this stage presentation by Nobel physicist William Phillips. Get set as he wows visitors with an exciting array of hands-on demonstrations that fizz, crack, float, and explode while covering such topics as Einstein´s Theory of Relativity, the atomic clock, speed, and a journey to the lowest temperatures ever recorded!

Meet Wil Wheaton of ´Big Bang Theory´: He´s known by millions for his recurring role in the Star Trek: The Next Generation series, and as the “evil” version of himself on The Big Bang Theory. Now, don´t miss the chance to meet this popular actor and self-described nerd and techie, and to discover why he´s a role model for geeks and science lovers worldwide with his eternal message: Science is cool! Watch video here. 

Science Laser Spectacular: Prepare to have your mind blown with dazzling laser demonstrations, captivating optical illusions, and an outrageously cool laser show sponsored by SPIE – the international society for optics and photonics and Prismatic Magic Laser Programs!

Meet and Learn From the Science Cheerleaders: Be there when The Science Cheerleader and Going Pro Entertainment present, the Science Cheerleaders: professional cheerleaders-turned-scientists! Watch them perform science-themed dances, in addition to joining them for free cheerleading clinics and other high-energy activities!

Be the Future of Innovation: Join the amazing engineers, technologists, scientists and other innovative professionals from Lockheed Martin (the Founding and Presenting Host of the Festival) for unique insight into the projects they are working on that impact the world -- everything from space exploration and innovation in flight to the design of super small things through nanotechnology. Get ready also to engage with Lockheed Martin professions about their careers and how they prepared! 

Discover the Scientists and Engineers at NASA: What's out there in space? How do we get there? What can we learn just by trying to get there? You´ll explore these questions and more with exciting NASA scientists and engineers at NASA´s high-tech pavilion where they´ll take you further inside their challenging mission in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research!