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January 26, 2015

Vol. 4, No. 4

Thank you to our newest sponsors!

In early January the Volunteer Outreach team held its first meeting of the year. This meeting was a little bit different because first and foremost it was our opportunity to say thank you to the volunteers who made the 3rd USA Science & Engineering Festival so successful!

In observance of African American History Month in February, the Festival recognizes the accomplishments of  African American pioneers and the important role they have played in paving the way for modern-day African American STEM leaders and innovators including Festival X-STEM and Nifty Fifty Speakers. 

Many schools have submitted their interest in becoming a CERTIFIED X-STEM School but have not taken the next step in the certification process. In order for your school to be the first to hear about new school programs, events like the X-STEM Symposium and gain priority during the Nifty Fifty selection process, the school must be certified! If your school has submitted its application but has not taken the steps to CERTIFY, read more to find out about the requirements. 

 Access our free, new online Festival Expo Stage Show video library collection today to bring motivating, interactive stage presentations by leading innovators from Expo 2014 into your living rooms, classrooms or break room! As more videos are added to the online collection, view and begin using the exciting ones already posted, such as those featuring: hands-on science demonstrations by the legendary Bill Nye, and stunning photos of NASA's recent space missions shared by Emily Lakdawalla of the famed Planetary Society!