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Registration kicked off this week for one the most unforgettable STEM events you'll experience: the return of the Festival's all-day X-STEM Extreme Symposium presented by MedImmune which will bring you up close and personal with some of the most fascinating visionaries in innovation -- including amazing scientists and engineers under the age of 30!

So be among the first to sign up NOW for this gathering set for Tuesday, April 28, 2015 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center.

X-STEM, which wowed audiences at the 2014 Festival Expo, returns again -- more exciting than ever -- with its lineup of leading innovators and entrepreneurs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Discover how their innovations and ideas are helping to revolutionize technology, and what it takes to become an innovator in STEM!

Be there as this exclusive group of visionaries, through engaging presentations and hands-on, interactive workshops, empower and inspire middle school and high school students and others about careers in STEM.

Representing top universities, industry, corporations, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies -- these role models are set to ignite young learners' curiosity through storytelling and live demonstrations in a wide range of STEM areas, including space exploration, paleontology, bio-inspired robotics, nanotechnology, marine biology, mathematics of orgami, eco-friendly vehicle innovation and much, much more!

This is why you'll want to register TODAY!

Here are just some of the trailblazers who are sure to inspire you at X-STEM Symposium:

Satyan Devadoss 2015 X STEM SpeakerSatyan Devadoss, Ph.D. – Prepare to be captivated as this leading mathematics professor from Williams College demonstrates how he blends concepts of algebra and geometry with art to make lofty principles of math come alive for students!


Vanessa Thompson 2015 X STEM Symposium SpeakerVanessa Thompson – Although just 15 years old, this innovator is already making her mark both nationally and internationally in a grassroots effort to make math and science more engaging for young students. Experience how her website, which has been honored for excellence by the U.S. Congress, is helping math concepts come alive for young learners through exciting, original video stories and storybook characters!


Ben Gulak 2015 X STEM Speaker rsBenjamin Gulak – He designed his revolutionary Uno III electric vehicle as a senior in high school (a creation that was named among the top 10 inventions by Popular Science), but discover what exactly drives the imagination of this 25-year-old inventor and entrepreneur!

dean kamen 2015 X STEM Speaker rsDean Kamen – He's sometimes called a modern-day Edison for the sheer number and impact of his inventions -- which range from the Segway human transporter and revolutionary robotic prosthetic arm to the iBOT battery-powered wheelchair. But in addition to his creations, get to know the man who founded FIRST, the amazing outreach movement which is inspiring kids in robotics and other STEM areas like never before!



Robert LangRobert Lang, Ph.D. – Discover from this renowned physicist and origami expert what the centuries-old art of origami can reveal about the mysteries of mathematics and science!



For more information on the X-STEM Extreme Symposium, including the link to bio profiles on all speakers, and how to view video presentations from the 2014 X-STEM Symposium sessions, click here.