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Bill NyeRemember the fascinating lineup of science and engineering stage shows that wowed students and others at Festival Expo 2014? We're proud to announce that these presentations -- featuring some of the most high-profile and inspirational role models in STEM -- are now available for your viewing pleasure through our FREE online video library collection, accessible via the Festival website!

These videos mark another resource that can be used to help teachers excite young learners about science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and related careers. (Last fall we announced another resource -- the launching of our free video library collection of X-STEM Extreme Symposium presentations from Expo 2014 for classroom use.)

The new Stage Show videos feature leading STEM visionaries and innovators-- ranging from amazing space and planetary explorers, phenomenal inventors and women in technology, to bestselling authors, Hollywood science advisors, and entrepreneurial startup geniuses -- as they discuss and demonstrate their work. The collection is available to teachers everywhere, giving K-12 educators the opportunity to bring these inspirational presentations into the classroom to complement and enhance their science lesson plans and curriculum.

They Might Be GiantsNew videos will be added to the online collection on a regular basis. Here is just a sampling of the exciting Stage Show presentations currently posted:

--Emily Lakdawalla of the famed Planetary Society shares stunning photos of NASA's recent space missions and answers such questions, Are we alone in the universe?

--Science advisors to TV's Breaking Bad, The Big Bang Theory, and House, M.D. hit series explain how they are helping Hollywood get the science right.

--Legendary science motivator Bill Nye -- clad in his characteristic bowtie and lab coat -- takes you deep inside the mysteries of everything science through dynamic hands-on demonstrations!

For  convenience use in the classroom, the Stage Show video library site also allows you to filter the videos by subject matter, age group and/or speaker name, and locate topics and speakers that fit teacher lesson plans.

Check the site weekly and "like" us on Facebook to be notified when new presentations are added.