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Exhibitor at USASEF

The Festival Expo, set for April 16-17, 2016 in Washington, D.C., is expected to our biggest "Super Bowl of STEM" gathering ever, giving Exhibitors an excellent opportunity to showcase their institutions to more than 325,000 visitors from around the world --and to inspire and wow multitudes of young learners!

We received an incredible amount of positive feedback from attendees, performers, sponsors and exhibitors expressing their amazement for Festival exhibits including:

"Congratulations, Festival Folk! As CEO of the Planetary Society I was thrilled to be part of the fun on stage and at our booth. As an engineer I was delighted to see so many young people and adults attending and participating. Thanks to all 325,000 of you, who showed up to learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Together, we're changing the world."

-Bill Nye the Science Guy
USA Science & Engineering Festival Performer & Supporter

"All four of our sons found the day to be a wonderful event. All enjoyed what they saw and learned. They talked all the way home and then told friends about it the following day. They are still exploring the websites of the presenters to learn more about what they saw briefly. The presenters had the patience of a saint. The university students were especially enthusiastic and held our boys' interest. We will go again next year if it is offered. Thank you to the sponsors who made this event possible for our family!"

-Margaret Loesel, Attendee

"This was the most phenomenal experience I have ever had with such a diverse group of people, especially the STEM focused populations: children, students, educators, parents, industry, government and community to make a herculean difference in realizing the potential and genius of science and engineering in everyday life in the U.S. and world."

-Maxine Webb
STEM Project Manager, Altimax Solutions, LLC

US Air Force Exhibit at USASEFWe are thrilled to welcome back exhibitors and sponsors like CASIS, Johns Hopkins University Physics and Astronomy, the American Mathematical Society, Ecological Society of America, Oracle Academy, RoboNation, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and much, much more!

So, act NOW to inspire future innovators by joining us as a USA Science & Engineering Festival Exhibitor! For more information on exhibitor prices and other important guidelines on registering for and serving as an Expo Exhibitor, click here.