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Franklin Traveling Science at USASEFGet set to be wowed like never before at the 4th USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo 2016 in Washington D.C. as some of the most exciting performers and visionaries in STEM demonstrate the wonders of science, engineering and math through a cavalcade of entertaining stage shows!

Scheduled for April 16 and 17 next year at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, the Festival Expo gives young learners and adults alike the opportunity learn from, while being entertained by, a wide array of stage artists and innovators in STEM -- ranging from magicians, fascinating science educators, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, and Hollywood TV advisors in science! So mark your calendar!

Here is just a sneak peek at exciting performers you can expect at Festival Expo 2016:

Mental Math: Faster Than a Calculator! Experience Dr. Arthur Benjamin, the author of such popular books as the Secrets of Mental Math. Dr. Benjamin is both a professor of mathematics and a magician. He has combined these two loves to create a dynamic stage presentation called "Mathemagics," which he has performed through such venues as The Today Show, CNN and The Colbert Report, demonstrating his secrets for performing rapid mental calculations faster than a calculator!

Science Showdown with the Franklin Institute! Don't miss the Franklin Institute's Science Showdown delighting audiences with an interactive tour-de-force with two sci-athletes engaging in a battle for science supremacy. From the opening bell, their sci-athletes will explain the science behind a series of demonstrations!

Art Benjamin at USASEFMaking STEM Come Alive for Low-Income Students! See why Darryl Lee Baynes, president president of the Minority Aviation Education Association's Interactive Science Programs, is fast becoming known for his talents in showing inner city kids, through engaging lab experiments, just how exciting science can be! Says Darryl: "I want to get kids thinking about science. That's what I try to do in these presentations."

Random Acts of Science! "Science Bob" Pflugfelder is an award winning science teacher, maker, and presenter whose "Random Acts of Science" interactive techniques have been featured in such media venues as People magazine, Popular Science, Disney's Family Fun, and Jimmy Kimmel. Discover why he continues to connect with audiences nationwide in such an exciting, visceral way!

Take A Journey Through the Mysteries of Physics With a Nobel Prize Winner! How did Einstein view time? What is an atomic clock? What is the connection between temperature, speed, and the theory of relativity? These are just some of mysteries of physics you'll explore first-hand with Nobel Prize winning physicist William Phillips in a series of unforgettable stage demonstrations!

Explore the Science of Bubbles! Be in the audience as noted scientist Keith Michael Johnson enchants audiences of all ages with the art and science of soap bubbles, or "Bubbleology." As seen on Discovery Channel's "Time Warp", Keith uses bubbles—large and small—to explain liquids, solids and gasses, geometry, tension and pressure -- while, in the process, building beautiful sculptural creations (such as replicas of dinosaurs and the Eiffel Tower) from bubbles!

Stay tuned to the Festival website and newsletter for more updates on the Festival Finale Expo 2016 stage shows!