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It’s going to be huge and it will definitely be fun, but a little preparation will make the day more enjoyable for all Expo goers. We have put together several thematic ‘tracks’ to follow throughout the day. The Expo map will have an area to collect stamps for completed exhibit activities. Chose one of the tracks and complete at least 10 exhibits from that track to collect 10 stamps. The proof is on the map!

To view and print the exhibits that make up a given track, simply go to the Exhibit page, select a track, and click “search”.

Are you interested in engineering? Pick up a Discover-e Passport and discover engineering at the Expo.  You can start your journey at the National Engineers Week Foundation exhibit or any other engineering exhibit displaying the Discover-e logo.  Collect five or more stamps to receive a prize back at the National Engineers Week Foundation booth (Hall A, Booth Number 3054)!

The Tiny Animal Lover
Ages 3-6
Have a small munchkin who loves to bring the animals you would prefer to stay outside the house, inside? Ever heard the question: “But WHY?” when answering your child’s steady stream of questions about the wonders of nature? This engaging tract for animal lovers under the age of 6 is sure to help! It includes hands-on activities and demonstrations that teach children about the function of the nervous system of animals and humans. Or, kids can color their own butterfly wings and discover the fun of singing and dancing to the infectious ditty "Head, Thorax, Abdomen!" Discover how art and science come together for kids in exciting ways through the study of animals and the world around us at the Expo.
Wiz Pop Bang
Ages 7-10
Have an elementary school student who loves to mix the baking soda and vinegar together in your kitchen? Want to encourage that curiosity about chemistry and the world around in your student? Check out this hands-on chemistry tract for kids ages 7-10 which allow students to make flubber, and investigate how molecules interact with ingredients that can be found right in your kitchen. And what kids don't love candy? Come and look for secret candy ingredients used in our exciting candy experiments! These and other fun, interactive exhibits at the Expo are sure to release the inquisitive side of kids as they explore the transforming power of chemistry!
Math is Fun...Really
Ages 7+
If you think math is dull and boring, you’re in for a surprise with these exciting, hands-on Expo exhibits: Try some interactive puzzles, brainteasers and origami; explore mechanical toys that demonstrate practical uses of math, and unlock the secret of solving the Rubik’s Cube by picking up a free Solution Guide that clues you in to the logarithms that help you  master the world’s most popular puzzle!  At other exhibits, learn how math can help break secret message codes, and create a Math Sculpture!
Nano Nano
Ages 11-14
Is your middle schooler interested in discovering what 'Nano' is beyond his or her MP3-player? Experience the molecular world up close! Navigate a Nanobot through a 3D virutal environment of blood vessels and connective tissues! Or check out a mobile science theme park exhibiting some of the latest science and technology at the nano dimension in a variety of disciplines. Come discover the tiny, but important world of nanotechnology and the amazing developments that are happening at the nano level at the Expo.
Energize Me
Ages 11+
Where does the energy for our homes, offices, transportation and other necessities of life come from? And how can we produce energy more efficiently?  At the Expo, learn from experts how scientists are working to solve the major challenges facing our nation in the realm of energy consumption and production. Be sure to check out these experiences: Hop on an energy bike and see how much electricity you can generate when pedaling; see a car that can run on water and sunlight, and view some of the hottest new inventions in green energy that stand to help make us more energy-smarter in the future!
What does it mean to be Green?
Ages 11+
What does it mean to be ‘green’ and sustainable in today’s society? How is science helping conserve the environment? Learn what “environmental sustainability” means and how green chemistry is impacting our lives. Gain insight into “resource footprints” and discover what your natural resource footprint is. Let the Expo be your guide as you delve into the wide-ranging world of Green Technology and Sustainability!
Off We Go into The Wild Blue Yonder -- A Space Trek
Ages 11+
Wondering about the night sky and what makes up our universe? Want to know what it takes to do science in space? Check out this tract in which you’ll discover what scientists are researching in space and how astronauts conduct experiments during space travel. And don’t miss the chance to build your own rocket to launch with rocketry experts, and take home. The challenges of science and space are vast, and you’ll discover a lot of them at the Expo!
Be a Robotics Engineer
Ages 11+
Do yo u love R2D2 and C3PO? Ever want to find out what it takes to build a robot of your own? Come watch and interact with robots that can 'bend it like Beckham' as scientists use soccer as a tool to explore the frontiers of robotics and artificial intelligence. Explore the world of robotics at the Expo and see how robots are shaping many facets of our lives!
Biologist in training
Ages 15+
Excite and inspire your biology students beyond AP Biology! Have them join other “future biologists” at the Expo to explore the  challenging careers of basic biological sciences through hands-on games and activities. Students will also gain insight from geneticists how DNA makes us who we are, and learn from plant biologists about the mysteries of key botanical species! Biology is indeed all around us, so come discover this world of science at the Expo!
Science Careers and The Social Side of Science
Ages 15+
Interested in a career in the sciences? Follow this track to meet with scientist face to face, learn about potential career paths, find out about scholarships, internships and mentorships, college programs and more. Then discover the social side of science with anthropologists and other social scientists as you explore what it means to be “human” and how the human mind works.
All Ages
Explore the wonders of the ocean, weather, and climate. Discover tornadoes, hurricanes and other workings of the atmosphere. Sit at the controls of the Doppler on Wheels used by storm chasers.  Learn about our water world and investigate the tools used in deep ocean exploration.
Discover E
All Ages
Ever wonder wondered what engineers really do? Journ ey through exciting exhibits that demonstrate and explain how engineers are shaping the future, including tomorr ow’s innovations in electrical energy, wind energy, buoyancy, floatation and more! Get your Discover E passport stamped with five or more stamps and receive a prize at the National Engineers Week Foundation exhibit! Enjoy engineering? Your passport will also reveal where you can find more engineering activities after the Festival.
Evolution Thought Trail
All Ages
What do fish and frog embryos, worms, algae, fossils, genes, molecules, planet Earth and the process of science have in common? THE SCIENCE OF EVOLUTION! Travel along the Evolution Thought Trail and discover what each of the areas above teaches us about evolution. But don’t stop there! More than one dozen organizations representing diverse disciplines from genetics and chemistry to physics and biotechnology are on the Trail. Discover how each of these disciplines contributes to our current understanding of evolution and how this knowledge helps us preserve biodiversity and the health of our Planet. Record at least 6 visits along the Trail on your Expo map and present your stamps to any booth along the Evolution Thought Trail to win a prize!
Nuclear to Stellar
All Ages
Huge accelerators are helping scientists probe sub-atomic particles while huge telescopes reveal distant objects throughout the universe. What can we learn about the enormous stars that are responsible for making most of the elements in our universe? Why do tiny nuclei determine the life and death of those stars? Find out how we “see” the unseeable, and how you will use those technologies in the future. Along the way, you’ll fight cancer and nasty bacteria, explore the nature of matter, peer at supernova remnants, smash your own “nuclei”, and take a walking tour through the history of the universe!
Dynamic Earth
All Ages
Learn about the elements that influence the active, changing and often violent processes of our dynamic planet Earth! In this exciting tract, make your own earthquake, and in the process discover how seismic activity shape the Earth’s surface! Use GPS to measure the motion of the Earth’s tectonic plates, and explore the planet’s recycling system –  volcanoes. Dive to the bottom of the ocean to unravel the mystery of the extinction of the dinosaurs, and learn about climate change by examining Antarctic sediment samples.  In addition: Become a Rock Detective and discover which way the North American Plate is carrying Washington, DC! Learn about the mysteries of rocks by taking a short walk through our Crystal Cave, where you’ll find minerals, fossils and even rocks that change color under ultraviolet light. Got an iPod or a Wii? Remember, they're also made of rocks!
To view and print the exhibits that make up a given track, simply go to the Exhibit page, select a track, and click “search”.